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Super Shock Electric Football


VINTAGE VIBRATING FOOTBALL ACTION! Finally, a unique football game that anyone can play! This isn't your typical Madden style game. Immerse yourself in the fun-filled nostalgic world of Super Shock Electric Football. Enjoy a touch of something old and new, in this charming re-envisioning of the classic Electric Football game. Lace up and get in the game!VINTAGE FUN• Experience full 3D gameplay with dazzling graphics and a fun, vintage art style that will keep your eyes entertained for hours on end!• Real-time physics means you never know what will happen next.• A ragtag league with 10 old school teams, each one more hilarious than the last. • More control than ever before. "Nudge" your players in the right direction. Electric Football has never this much fun!
FANTASTIC FEATURES• Over 20 different preset plays ready to go in your playbook. Or make your own by moving around the onscreen players however you choose.• With a flick of your finger you become the quarterback. Look down the field and toss the pigskin to the open man.• A real-time day and night cycle helps keep things fresh by matching the in-game sky to the one outside your house.• Keep track of your record, touchdowns, passing yards, and more with the stat tracking feature.• Tilt, rotate and turn the device to get your ideal viewpoint. Play the game from the vantage point that works best for you or mix it up and use them all.• Battle your opponent in various weather conditions, including rain and snow.
FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY• Challenge a friend or loved one for some two player split-screen merriment! • Gameplay that is deep enough to satisfy the hardcore electric football nut, but simple enough that anyone can play, even children!• Play at your own pace with 3 difficulty settings to choose from, including Rookie, Pro, and All-Pro!
GOOGLE PLAY SERVICES LEADERBOARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS• Unlock over 40 achievements, some reward your skills while others reward your “oops” moments.• Compete for high scores in everything from your wins to your fumbles.
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